Arab nations first to approve Chinese COVID vaccine - despite lack of public data.

  title={Arab nations first to approve Chinese COVID vaccine - despite lack of public data.},
  author={David Cyranoski},
  • D. Cyranoski
  • Published 14 December 2020
  • Medicine, Political Science
  • Nature

COVID-19 vaccine acceptance rates and predictors among the Egyptian general population and Healthcare workers, the intersectionality of age and other factors

The determinants associated with vaccine acceptability among the general population through a direct interview questionnaire and guardians’ views towards childhood COVID-19 vaccinations are investigated and extremism of age showed higher vaccine acceptance compared to young adults.

Children’s rates of COVID-19 vaccination as reported by parents, vaccine hesitancy, and determinants of COVID-19 vaccine uptake among children: a multi-country study from the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Assessing children’s rates of COVID-19 Vaccination as reported by parents, exploring parents’ attitudes towards children's CO VID-19 vaccination, and examining the factors associated with parents” hesitancy towards children”s vaccination in several countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) found that parents who had COIDs were about five folds more likely to vaccinate their children compared with parents who did not receive the vaccine.

China’s “Weaponized” Vaccine: Intertwining Between International and Domestic Politics

Ever since China has formally joined the WHO-backed global COVID-19 vaccine initiative known as COVAX, there is a presumed notion that China’s vaccine diplomacy will make a significant contribution

Evaluation of the humoral response induced by BBIBP-CorV vaccine by determining neutralizing antibodies in peruvian healthcare personnel.

All participants immunized with BBIBPCorV vaccine were positive for antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein RBD, and the correlation between the titer level and protection against COVID-19, as well as the length of the protection provided by the vaccine, needs to be evaluated.

Evaluación de la respuesta humoral inducida por la vacuna BBIBP-CorV mediante la determinación de anticuerpos neutralizantes en personal sanitario peruano

Objetivo. Determinar el título de anticuerpos frente al dominio de unión al receptor (RBD) de la proteína espiga (S) en personal de salud entre la 4.ª y 12.ª semana luego de haber recibido la vacuna

Determinants of healthcare workers perceptions, acceptance and choice of COVID-19 vaccines: a cross-sectional study from the United Arab Emirates

Effective vaccine policy campaigns to improve acceptance should target HCW’s knowledge and awareness of perceived risks of COVID-19, safety data, social responsibility, and individual preferences for vaccine choice.

Safety, efficacy, and immunogenicity of COVAXIN: A review

Evidence suggests that COVAXIN is a safe, well-tolerated, and immunogenic coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine, and its stated efficacy of 77.8% significantly exceeds the World Health Organization’s recommendations.

Which Plagues are Coming Next?

This chapter focuses on pathogens ranging from yeast to virus, capable of transmission through food, water, air, or animal, that could emerge as the next International Health Security threat.

VIRFIM: an AI and Internet of Medical Things-driven framework for healthcare using smart sensors

This article proposes the use of smart sensors integrated with the Internet of Medical Things to cover the spectrum of good practices in an automated manner and presents hypothetical frameworks for each of the good practice modules and proposes the VIrus Resistance Framework using the VIRFIM to tie all the individual modules in a unified architecture.

China’s Health Silk Road in the Middle East and North Africa amidst COVID-19 and a Contested World Order

ABSTRACT The COVID-19 pandemic has offered China a unique opportunity for worldwide deployment of its longstanding health diplomacy, renamed the Health Silk Road (HSR), now an integral part of its


Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine

A two-dose regimen of BNT162b2 conferred 95% protection against Covid-19 in persons 16 years of age or older and safety over a median of 2 months was similar to that of other viral vaccines.