Arab-Israeli Wars

  title={Arab-Israeli Wars},
  author={Arthur Barker},
There have been five major wars between Israelis and Arabs. While differing in immediate causes, objectives, and impact, each was rooted in the comparatively recent conflict between Jews and Arabs over Palestine. In 1917, the British government pledged to facilitate establishment of a "Jewish national home" in Palestine, and during Britain's Mandate over Palestine (1922-1948) immigration increased the Jewish presence from less than 10 percent of the population in 1918 to one-third by 1947… 
The Future of the Sinai Peninsula
IntroductionThe Sinai Peninsula has been a center of conflict for many years, starting with the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948. After Israel and Egypt signed the Camp David Accords in 1978, it became
The holy land divided: Defending Partition as a Solution to Ethnic Wars
IN THE DECADE since the cold war ended, ethnic civil wars around the globe have captured the attention of scholars and policymakers alike. Several high-profile clashes, such as those in Bosnia,
The Syrian‐Israeli political impasse: A study in conflict, war and mistrust
In order to understand fully why a Syrian‐Israeli peace agreement has yet to be made, it is imperative to be aware of the dimensions of the conflict, war and mistrust that have been at the root of
Moshe Dayan: “Israel’s No. 1 Hero” (in America)
ABSTRACT This study explores how and why Moshe Dayan became the symbol of the modern Israeli hero in American culture. Through an examination of variegated evidence it is possible to discern patterns
Air Power in the Six-Day War
In the aftermath of Israel's stunning victory over Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian forces during the 1967 Six-Day War, accolades for the victory were often showered upon the Israeli Air Force (IAF).
The Great Powers and Global Struggle, 1490-1990
In The Great Powers and Global Struggle Karen A. Rasler and William R. Thompson focus on two themes. They explore the rise and fall as well as the relative decline of major world powers over the past
Turning ‘defeat’ into ‘victory’: the power of discourse on the 1973 war in Egypt
ABSTRACT The article examines the construction of the 1973 war as a legitimating discourse in Egypt. After an analysis of formal texts (for example, school textbooks), semi-formal texts (for example,
Patterns of Civil-Military Relations in Democracies
Abstract : Civil-military relations is an area of study that garners intense scrutiny. Since Samuel Huntington and Morris Janowitz first introduced their theories on civil-military relations, many
  • Daniel Bolger
  • Political Science
    The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters
  • 1988
Some of the best warriors in the world choose to battle in the shadows. They fight, have fought, and will fight in hot wars and cold, in major actions and minor skirmishes, usually in deep twilight
The Social Question in the Twenty-First Century
Want, disease, ignorance, squalor, and idleness: first recognized together in mid-nineteenth-century Europe, these are the focus of the Social Question. In 1942 William Beveridge called them the