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Arab Cities in Revolution: Some Observations

  title={Arab Cities in Revolution: Some Observations},
  author={{\'E}ric Verdeil},
Like many observers, I have been keenly watching and left somewhat dumbfounded by the extraordinary events that have unfolded since 14 January in Tunisia and which, over the last week, have also spread to Egypt (a country I know very little about, I must confess). However, in retrospect, I realise that there were in fact a number of signs during my visit to Tunisia last autumn and in my contacts with colleagues in Sfax that should have caught my attention – as should have the Facebook petition… Expand
Economy and Territory | territory and transport Public Transport and Arab Revolutions : Three Opportunities
  • 2012
Between December 2010 and May 2011 major social uprisings and protests took place in several Arab countries, particularly in North Africa, dubbed the “Arab Spring” or “Arab democratic revolutions” byExpand
The Energy of Revolts in Arab Cities: The Case of Jordan and Tunisia
Energy has become a new urban public issue in Arab cities and, hence, the trigger of new claims, mobilizations, and even revolts or riots. This article proposes another approach of energy politics.Expand
Mediterranean geographies of protest
This special issue of Euro-commentaries tackles the question of what links unprecedented anti-regime uprisings in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, with the largest protests in decadesExpand
“Resistance everywhere”: The Gezi revolt in global perspective
  • C. Tuğal
  • Political Science
  • New Perspectives on Turkey
  • 2013
One of the slogans of the Gezi revolt, “Everywhere is Taksim, resistance everywhere,” is a condensed expression of its global significance. Another slogan in the Brazilian uprising further emphasizedExpand
Political reactions to the euro crisis: cross-national variations and rescaling issues in elections and popular protests
In this paper, we explore the different political responses to the euro crisis among European publics since the financial crisis in Europe started in 2008 by concentrating on the two most importantExpand
Sélection de travaux présentée en vue de l'habilitation à diriger des recherches, Volume 2
cette selection de travaux est divisee en 4 parties: Le Liban : reconstruction, amenagement et geopolitique Histoire sociale des urbanistes au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord La gouvernanceExpand
Digital media arts as terrain for inter-cultural political activism


Maghreb et Moyen-Orient dans la mondialisation
Source majeure d'energie, siege d'un des conflits politiques les plus tenaces du XXe siecle, le Maghreb - Moyen-Orient est au cœur d'enjeux mondiaux. L'insertion de la region dans la mondialisationExpand
Réforme de la gestion des déchets et reconfigurations des territoires professionnels des chiffonniers du Caire
  • Sud
  • Political Science
  • 2011
Florin, Benedicte. Reforme de la gestion des dechets et reconfigurations des territoires professionnels des chiffonniers du Caire. Geocarrefour 2/2010 (Vol. 85), p. 109-118. Au Caire, depuis lesExpand
Retour sur la révolte du bassin minier. Les cinq leçons politiques d’un conflit social inédit", L'Année du Maghreb [online], VI
  • 2010
Réforme de la gestion des déchets en reconfigurations des territoires
  • 2010
Organisation des populations et place des élites
  • 2009
Les territoires de la violence à Jakarta, Paris: Belin
  • Verdeil, Éric (dir.). 2010. Géocarrefour, vol. 85 no. 2. [Dossier: Services urbains en réforme
  • 2006
Organisation des populations et place des élites locales dans la gestion politique d'une périphérie de Grand Casablanca : le cas de Dar Bouaza (Maroc)
  • Les effets territoriaux des politiques publiques dans les périphéries urbaines. Exemples au Maghreb, Les Cahiers
  • 2005