Aqueous-based synthesis of ruthenium-selenium catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction.

  title={Aqueous-based synthesis of ruthenium-selenium catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction.},
  author={Cyril Delac{\^o}te and Arman Bonakdarpour and Christina Marie Johnston and Piotr Zelenay and Andrzej Wieckowski},
  journal={Faraday discussions},
  pages={269-81; discussion 297-317}
Carbon-supported Se/Ru(Se) catalysts of a broad range of composition were synthesized via a reduction procedure in which a mixture of RuCl3, SeO2 and Black Pearl carbon was treated with NaBH4 in basic media at room temperature. Physical characterization of the catalyst was performed by X-ray diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and by high resolution transmission electron microscopy. The effect of NaOH addition during the reduction by NaBH4 and the impact of a post-reduction… CONTINUE READING

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