Aquaporin-4 overexpression in rat ALS model.

  title={Aquaporin-4 overexpression in rat ALS model.},
  author={Charles Nicaise and Muhammad Shahnawaz Soyfoo and Mich{\`e}le Authelet and Robert De Decker and Danijela Batavelji{\'c} and Christine Delporte and Roland Pochet},
  journal={Anatomical record},
  volume={292 2},
Onset of motoneuron death characterizing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is closely linked to modified astrocytic and glial environments. Here, we show that in the spinal cord from transgenic rat overexpressing mutated human SOD1, aquaporin-4 mRNA and protein are specifically overexpressed in the gray matter at end stage of disease. Immunohistochemistry and double immunofluorescence allowed to detect, in the spinal cord gray matter of the ALS rat, increased aquaporin-4 surrounding both… CONTINUE READING


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