Aquaporin 1 - a novel player in spinal cord injury.

  title={Aquaporin 1 - a novel player in spinal cord injury.},
  author={Olivera B Nesic and Julieann C Lee and Geda C Unabia and Kathia M. Johnson and Zaiming Ye and Leoncio Vergara and Claire E Hulsebosch and Jose Regino Perez-Polo},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={105 3},
The role of water channel aquaporin 1 (AQP-1) in uninjured or injured spinal cords is unknown. AQP-1 is weakly expressed in neurons and gray matter astrocytes, and more so in white matter astrocytes in uninjured spinal cords, a novel finding. As reported before, AQP-1 is also present in ependymal cells, but most abundantly in small diameter sensory fibers of the dorsal horn. Rat contusion spinal cord injury (SCI) induced persistent and significant four- to eightfold increases in AQP-1 levels at… CONTINUE READING


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