Aquaperonospora taiwanensis gen. et sp. nov. in Peronophythoraceae of Peronosporales

  title={Aquaperonospora taiwanensis gen. et sp. nov. in Peronophythoraceae of Peronosporales},
  author={Wen-hsiung Ko and Mei-Ju Lin and Chung-Yue Hu and P. J. Ann},
Twelve isolates of a Pythium-like organism capable of producing Peronospora-like sporangiophores were isolated by baiting from an irrigation ditch in central Taiwan. This organism is described herein as a new genus and species, Aquaperonospora taiwanensis, in Peronophythoraceae of Peronosporales. Low sequence identities in both the ITS and 28S rDNA sequences between A. taiwanensis and representative species of other genera in Peronosporales supported the validity of the establishment of… CONTINUE READING


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