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Aprovechamiento agroindustrial de la caléndula (Calendula officinalis) mediante la producción de un gel desinflamatorio a partir de la celulosa

  title={Aprovechamiento agroindustrial de la cal{\'e}ndula (Calendula officinalis) mediante la producci{\'o}n de un gel desinflamatorio a partir de la celulosa},
  author={A. Londo{\~n}o and Cindy Yesenia},


Bioquímica general .Mc
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Preparative purification of the major anti-inflammatory triterpenoid esters from Marigold (Calendula officinalis).
During the work-up of the faradiol esters, accompanying minor compounds of the triterpene ester fraction were purified and identified by spectroscopic means as maniladiol 3-O-laurate and myristate.
Natural extracts using supercritical carbon dioxide
INTRODUCTION Importance of Nature Cure Naturopathy Natural Extracts CO2 as an SCF Solvent SCFE Process SCFE Applications References Figure Captions - Chapter 1 Figures 1.1 - 1.3 FUNDAMENTALS OF
de San Buenaventura
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Herbal drugs and phytopharmaceuticals
This book contains detailed monographs on 181 medicinal herbs common in pharmaceutical practice and provides references to pharmacopoeial monographs, sources, synonyms, constituents, indications, side effects, preparation of a tea, commercially available phytomedicines, regulatory status, authentication using macroscopical, microscopICAL, and chromatographic techniques.
Extraction of natural products using near-critical solvents
Introduction. Food legislation and the scope for increased use of near-critical fluid extraction operations in the food, flavouring and pharmaceutical industries. Other uses for near-critical
Carbohydrates from the influorescence of C. officinalis
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Citotoxic and antitumoral activity of C. officinalis extracts
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Effect of Calephlones on the course of experimental hepatitis
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