Aprataxin resolves adenylated RNA-DNA junctions to maintain genome integrity

  title={Aprataxin resolves adenylated RNA-DNA junctions to maintain genome integrity},
  author={Percy P Tumbale and Jessica S. Williams and Matthew J Schellenberg and T. A. Kunkel and R Scott Williams},
Faithful maintenance and propagation of eukaryotic genomes is ensured by three-step DNA ligation reactions used by ATP-dependent DNA ligases. Paradoxically, when DNA ligases encounter nicked DNA structures with abnormal DNA termini, DNA ligase catalytic activity can generate and/or exacerbate DNA damage through abortive ligation that produces chemically adducted, toxic 5′-adenylated (5′-AMP) DNA lesions. Aprataxin (APTX) reverses DNA adenylation but the context for deadenylation repair is… CONTINUE READING
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