Approximation properties for group *-algebras and group von Neumann algebras

  title={Approximation properties for group *-algebras and group von Neumann algebras},
  author={Uffe Haagerup and Jon Kraus},
Let G be a locally compact group, let C*(G) (resp. VN(G)) be the C*-algebra (resp. the von Neumann algebra) associated with the left regular representation / of G, let A(G) be the Fourier algebra of G, and let MqA(G) be the set of completely bounded multipliers of A(G). With the completely bounded norm, MqA(G) is a dual space, and we say that G has the approximation property (AP) if there is a net {ua} of functions in A(G) (with compact support) such that ua —» 1 in the associated weak… CONTINUE READING

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