Approximation Algorithms for Minimum K -Cut

  title={Approximation Algorithms for Minimum K -Cut},
  author={Nili Guttmann-Beck and Refael Hassin},
Let G=(V,E) be a complete undirected graph, with node set V={v 1 , . . ., v n } and edge set E . The edges (v i ,v j ) ∈ E have nonnegative weights that satisfy the triangle inequality. Given a set of integers K = { k i } i=1 p $(\sum_{i=1}^p k_i \leq |V|$) , the minimum K-cut problem is to compute disjoint subsets with sizes { k i } i=1 p , minimizing the total weight of edges whose two ends are in different subsets. We demonstrate that for any fixed p it is possible to obtain in polynomial… CONTINUE READING
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