Approximating a Finite Metric by a Small Number of Tree Metrics

  title={Approximating a Finite Metric by a Small Number of Tree Metrics},
  author={Moses Charikar and Chandra Chekuri and Ashish Goel and Sudipto Guha and Serge A. Plotkin},
Bartal [4, 5] gave a randomized polynomial time algorithm that given anyn point metricG, constructs a treeT such that the expected stretch (distortion) of any edge is at most O(logn log logn). His result has found several applications and in particular has resulted in approximation algorithms for many graph optimization problems. However approximation algorithms based on his Supported by the Pierre and Christine Lamond Fellowship, an ARO MURI Grant DAAH04-96-1-0007 and NSF Award CCR-9357849… CONTINUE READING
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