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Approximately Dual p-Approximate Schauder Frames

  title={Approximately Dual p-Approximate Schauder Frames},
  author={K. Mahesh Krishna and P. S. Johnson},
Abstract. Difficulty in the construction of dual frames for a given Hilbert space led to the introduction of approximately dual frames in Hilbert spaces by Christensen and Laugesen. It becomes even more difficult in Banach spaces to construct duals. For this purpose, we introduce approximately dual frames for a class of approximate Schauder frames for Banach spaces and develop basic theory. Approximate duals for this subclass is completely characterized and its perturbation is also studied. 
Feichtinger Conjectures, $R_\varepsilon$-Conjectures and Weaver's Conjectures for Banach spaces
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Operator-Valued p-Approximate Schauder Frames
X iv :2 20 1. 03 95 5v 1 [ m at h. FA ] 1 0 Ja n 20 22 OPERATOR-VALUED p-APPROXIMATE SCHAUDER FRAMES K. MAHESH KRISHNA Statistics and Mathematics Unit Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Centre
The $(abc,pqr)$-problem for Approximate Schauder Frames for Banach Spaces
(abc, pqr)-problem for approximate Schauder frames for Banach spaces L(R), 1 < p < ∞ is formulated.


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