Approximate entropy in the electroencephalogram during wake and sleep.

  title={Approximate entropy in the electroencephalogram during wake and sleep.},
  author={Naoto Burioka and Masanori Miyata and Germaine Cornelissen and F. Halberg and Takao Takeshima and Daniel T. Kaplan and Hisashi Suyama and Masanori Endo and Yoshihiro Maegaki and Takashi Nomura and Yutaka Tomita and Kenji Nakashima and Eiji Shimizu},
  journal={Clinical EEG and neuroscience},
  volume={36 1},
Entropy measurement can discriminate among complex systems, including deterministic, stochastic and composite systems. We evaluated the changes of approximate entropy (ApEn) in signals of the electroencephalogram (EEG) during sleep. EEG signals were recorded from eight healthy volunteers during nightly sleep. We estimated the values of ApEn in EEG signals in each sleep stage. The ApEn values for EEG signals (mean +/- SD) were 0.896 +/- 0.264 during eyes-closed waking state, 0.738 +/- 0.089… CONTINUE READING