Approximate Schreier decorations and approximate Kőnig’s line coloring Theorem

  title={Approximate Schreier decorations and approximate Kőnig’s line coloring Theorem},
  author={Jan Greb{\'i}k},
  journal={Annales Henri Lebesgue},
  • Jan Grebík
  • Published 5 October 2021
  • Mathematics
  • Annales Henri Lebesgue
Following recent result of L. M. Tóth [arXiv:1906.03137] we show that every 2∆-regular Borel graph G with a (not necessarily invariant) Borel probability measure admits approximate Schreier decoration. In fact, we show that both ingredients from the analogous statements for finite graphs have approximate counterparts in the measurable setting, i.e., approximate König’s line coloring Theorem for Borel graphs without odd cycles and approximate balanced orientation for even degree Borel graphs. It… 
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