Approximate Planning in Large POMDPs via Reusable Trajectories

  title={Approximate Planning in Large POMDPs via Reusable Trajectories},
  author={Michael Kearns and Yishay Mansour and Andrew Y. Ng},
We considertheproblemof reliably choosinga near-beststrategy from a restrictedclassof strategies in a partially observableMarkov decision process(POMDP).We assumewe are given the ability to simulatethe POMDP, andstudywhatmight becalledthesamplecomplexity — thatis, theamountof dataonemustgeneratein thePOMDPin orderto choosea goodstrategy. We prove upperboundson thesamplecomplexity showing that,evenfor infinitelylargeandarbitrarily complex POMDPs,theamount of dataneededcanbefinite,anddependsonly… CONTINUE READING
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