Approximate Euclidean shortest path in 3-space

  title={Approximate Euclidean shortest path in 3-space},
  author={J. Choi and J. Sellen and C. Yap},
  booktitle={SCG '94},
  • J. Choi, J. Sellen, C. Yap
  • Published in SCG '94 1994
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Papadimitriou's approximation approach to the Euclidean shortest path (ESP) problem in 3-space is revisited. As this problem is NP-hard, his approach represents an important step towards practical algorithms. Unfortunately, there are non-trivial gaps in the original description. Besides giving a complete treatment, we also give an alternative to his subdivision method which has some nice properties. Among the tools needed are root-separation bounds and non-trivial applications of Brent's… CONTINUE READING
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