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Approximate Cross-Validation with Low-Rank Data in High Dimensions

  title={Approximate Cross-Validation with Low-Rank Data in High Dimensions},
  author={W. T. Stephenson and Madeleine Udell and T. Broderick},
  • W. T. Stephenson, Madeleine Udell, T. Broderick
  • Published 2020
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
  • Many recent advances in machine learning are driven by a challenging trifecta: large data size $N$; high dimensions; and expensive algorithms. In this setting, cross-validation (CV) serves as an important tool for model assessment. Recent advances in approximate cross validation (ACV) provide accurate approximations to CV with only a single model fit, avoiding traditional CV's requirement for repeated runs of expensive algorithms. Unfortunately, these ACV methods can lose both speed and… CONTINUE READING


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