Appropriateness of emergency department visits in a Portuguese university hospital.

  title={Appropriateness of emergency department visits in a Portuguese university hospital.},
  author={Sofia Pereira and Artur Oliveira e Silva and Mar{\'i}a Quintas and J Almeida and C Marujo and M. D. L. Pizarro and V{\'i}tor Ang{\'e}lico and Lu{\'i}sa Fonseca and E Sonia R Loureiro and S{\'e}rgio Barroso and Andr{\'e} Machado and Michael Soares and Ana Laura Bastos da Costa and Ant{\'o}nio Falc{\~a}o de Freitas},
  journal={Annals of emergency medicine},
  volume={37 6},
STUDY OBJECTIVE There are no studies in Portugal supporting a common claim that most emergency department visits are inappropriate. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of and to evaluate factors associated with an appropriate ED visit in a major public hospital. METHODS A cross-sectional prospective study was performed at a public university hospital ED. Data for demographic variables, duration of complaint, transfer from other medical sources, and previous medical care for… CONTINUE READING