Appropedia as a Tool for Service Learning in Sustainable Development

  title={Appropedia as a Tool for Service Learning in Sustainable Development},
  author={Joshua M. Pearce},
  journal={Journal of Education for Sustainable Development},
  pages={45 - 53}
  • Joshua M. Pearce
  • Published 1 March 2009
  • Business
  • Journal of Education for Sustainable Development
Numerous studies have demonstrated that university students are capable of contributing to sustainable development while improving their academic skills. Unfortunately for many institutions, the expense of sending large cohorts of students on international service learning trips is prohibitive. Yet, students remain enthusiastic and well equipped to assist in sustainable development. This article reports on two pedagogical experiments in service learning that overcame this challenge by providing… Expand
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Most academics, who as researchers and teachers dedicate their lives to information sharing, would likely agree with much of the hacker ethic, which is a belief that information-sharing is a powerfulExpand
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