Approaches to sequence analysis of 125I-labeled RNA

  title={Approaches to sequence analysis of 125I-labeled RNA},
  author={E. Dickson and L. K. Pape and H. D. Robertson},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={6 1},
A method is described for the initial steps of sequence analysis of RNase T1-and pancreatic RN-ase-resistant oligonucleotides of RNA containing cytidylate residues labeled in vitro with 125I. In many cases an oligonucleotide sequence can be deduced from a consideration of (i) its relative position in the two-dimensional fingerprint (with DEAE thin layer homochromatographic second dimension), (ii) its electrophoretic mobility on DEAE paper at pH 1.9, and (iii) identification of its products of… 
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