Approaches to leadership development used by deans of allied health.


Deans and directors of allied health units in member institutions of the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions (ASAHP) were surveyed to determine their approaches to leadership development. Of 99 deans and directors surveyed, 75 (76%) responded. All respondents had held at least one academic administrative position before their current position; assistant or associate dean were the most common positions. The respondents' leadership development included participation in service to the ASAHP or another health or allied health association. More female respondents (67%) than male respondents (47%) reported being mentored. Most frequently listed programs, workshops, and activities for leadership development were Harvard University's Management Development Program, regional allied health deans groups, and institutional leadership programs. Of respondents, 60% viewed professional experience as being more beneficial in leadership development than formal programs, workshops, and activities. The most important skills directly developed from such activities were strategic planning and forecasting, having a vision, and team or collaboration building.

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