Appraisals of President Obama's economic performance: Racial resentment and attributional responsibility

  title={Appraisals of President Obama's economic performance: Racial resentment and attributional responsibility},
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The Origins and Consequences of Racialized Schemas about U.S. Parties

Two parallel processes structure American politics in the current moment: partisan polarization and the increasing linkage between racial attitudes and issue preferences of all sorts. We develop a

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Abstract This research examines the extent to which negative attitudes toward African Americans influence public reactions to restoring political rights to felons. We argue that race-neutral

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The state of the national economy is known to be of fundamental consequence for presidential fortunes, which implies that citizens (1) believe presidents exert substantial control over the national

The Spillover of Racialization into Health Care: How President Obama Polarized Public Opinion by Racial Attitudes and Race

This study argues that President Obama's strong association with an issue like health care should polarize public opinion by racial attitudes and race. Consistent with that hypothesis, racial