Appraisal and Assessment of World Water Resources

  title={Appraisal and Assessment of World Water Resources},
  author={Igor A. Shiklomanov},
  journal={Water International},
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  • I. Shiklomanov
  • Published 1 March 2000
  • Environmental Science
  • Water International
Abstract A critical analysis of the present situation on the global water resources assessment is made. Basic data and methodological approaches used by the author for the assessment and prediction of water resources, water use and water availability on the global scale are briefly described. On the basis of data generalization of the world hydrological network new data are given on the dynamics of renewable water resources of the continents, physiographic and economic regions, selected… 
A review of the assessment of sustainable water use at continental-to-global scale
Freshwater scarcity and unsustainable water use are just some of the growing concerns in many parts of the world. Increasing water demand accompanied by a changing climate can lead to unsustainable
Assessment of water resources through system dynamics simulation: from global issues to regional solutions
  • S. Simonovic
  • Environmental Science
    36th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2003. Proceedings of the
  • 2003
Results indicate that CanadaWater model has a potential to identify water-related issues of national priority and assist policy makers in evaluating various sustainable solutions for Canadian 'troubled' waters.
Water availability and water use planning in the Aral Sea basin
According to the forecast of international, regional, and Republican research institutes and design and survey institutes, in the current water management situation in the Aral Sea basin, the
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Abstract The Yellow River basin, an important agricultural and industrial region and the “Cradle of Chinese Civilization,” is facing serious water shortage. The particular climatological and
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Abstract. During the past decades, human water use has more than doubled, yet available freshwater resources are finite. As a result, water scarcity has been prevalent in various regions of the
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With growing water scarcity and water quality deterioration, water resource assessment has become a major focus of research in many areas of the world. Understanding water consumption and its
A global water resources model was developed to assess the impact of climate change on water resources. The model consists of six modules, namely, land surface, river, agriculture, reservoir
World water dynamics: global modeling of water resources.
  • S. Simonovic
  • Economics, Environmental Science
    Journal of environmental management
  • 2002
Simulations of world water dynamics with WorldWater indicate that there is a strong relationship between the world water resources and future industrial growth of the world and it is shown that the water pollution is the most important future water issue on the global level.


World Water Resources and Regional Vulnerability: Impact of Future Changes
This report is the first presentation of results from the Water Resources Project's current focus on climate change, water resources, and socioeconomic impacts. Not only is the global assessment
Sustaining water: an update. Revised data for the Population Action International report Sustaining Water: Population and the Future of Renewable Water Supplies.
These updated figures reveal that if the UNs medium population projections become reality by the middle of the coming century 4.4 billion of the nearly 10 billion people on the planet will live in 58 countries experiencing either water scarcity or water stress.
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In the preface the authors state, as reasons for producing this book, the need for an appropriate undergraduate-level text on water chemistry and the desire to provide broader coverage of atmospheric
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Problems of Water Availability and Water Transfers in the World
  • Leningrad: Hydrometeoizdat. 293 pages. In Russian.
  • 1987
Assessment of water resources and water availability in the world