Appointed File Prefetching for Distributed File Systems


One of key issues in the design of distributed file systems is how to reduce the latency when accessing remote files, with the solutions including cache replacement and file-prefetching technologies. In this paper, we propose a novel method called appointed file prefetching, in which the main idea is to enable the user or system administrator to specify how to perform file prefetching. We define the appointed file-prefetching language (AFPL) that the user and system administrator can use to instruct the system to perform desired prefetching at appropriate times. The prefetching instructions in the AFPL can be divided into two categories: (1) selecting the required files and (2) specifying when to perform prefetching. According to the information in the file system and the previous file access records, a user can select the needed files as candidates for prefetching and then choose between time prefetching and event prefetching to retrieve them. The experimental results show that the waiting time of remote file fetching is reduced by 30% to 90% and the hit ratio is increased by 6% to 18% in most

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