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Applying Process Tracing in Five Steps

  title={Applying Process Tracing in Five Steps},

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Geopolitics of Central Asia: Between the Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon
The countries of Central Asia are driven by economic development. However, they are lacking financial resources, and a gap in cooperation among the countries is making the development stage even more
Pragmatism and support for the EU in Slovakia’s politics
ABSTRACT In 2017, the Slovak prime minister, Robert Fico, declared that he wanted to steer Slovakia into the core of European integration. Although Fico always supported European integration, he
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The benefit of analyzing causal mechanisms in evaluation is being discussed across different methodological camps, and scholars are calling for improvements in designs and methods to open the black box using variancebased approaches.
Finding the Impact: Methods for Assessing the Contribution of Collective Impact to Systems and Population Change in a Multi‐Site Study
John Kania and Mark Kramer put forward “Collective Impact” in 2011 as a framework for organizing multi‐sector collaborative efforts to achieve change at scale. The collective impact theory of change
Digital Transformation of PublicAdministration Services in Denmark:A Process Tracing Case Study
  • A. Scupola
  • Political Science
    Nordic and Baltic Journal of Information and Communications Technologies
  • 2019
This paper presents the results of a process tracing study of digital transformation in Denmark. The study is part of a European Horizon 2020 project entitled Co-Val (Understanding value co-creation
The relationships between livestock and human wealth, health, and wellbeing in a rural Maasai community of southwestern Kenya
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A Case Study of Digital Transformation of Danish Public Services: Actors and Policies
  • A. Scupola
  • Political Science
    2018 11th CMI International Conference: Prospects and Challenges Towards Developing a Digital Economy within the EU
  • 2018
This paper investigates the policies and actors that have contributed to achieving the digital transformation in Danish public administration as it is reflected by the current 2018 DESI index
Juntos, pero no revueltos : el papel de la identidad nacional en el Brexit
Throughout its history, the UK has shown a certain level of apathy toward its continental neighbors. More recently, this attitude was reflected in the decision to leave the European Union.
THE FUTURE OF INTEGRATED POLICY-BASED DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION Lessons from the Exit from General Budget Support in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia
At the turn of the millennium, the international community assessed and rated the development cooperation approaches as having limited effectiveness. On the basis of this finding, the Paris


Process Tracing and Contribution Analysis: A Combined Approach to Generative Causal Inference for Impact Evaluation
This article proposes a combination of a popular evaluation approach, contribution analysis (CA), with an emerging method for causal inference, process tracing (PT). Both are grounded in generative
Process Tracing and Causal Inference
How should we judge competing explanatory claims in social science research? How can we make inferences about which alternative explanations are more convincing, in what ways, and to what degree?