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Applying OGC sensor web enablement to risk monitoring and disaster management

  title={Applying OGC sensor web enablement to risk monitoring and disaster management},
  author={Simon Jirka and Arne Broering and Christoph Stasch},
This paper presents the practical application of the OGC Sensor Web Enablement Architecture to a set of use cases in the area of risk monitoring and disaster management. After introducing the OGC Sensor Web Enablement framework, use cases ranging from hydrological monitoring and measuring different types of pollution to fire fighting applications will be presented. 
A GIS-Based System for Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring and Alerting Based on OGC Sensors Web Enablement Standards
The developed system, which is assessed through sensor observation, measures the concentration of carbon monoxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide in 20 stations in Tehran and calculates the real-time air quality index, and critical conditions are sent through email to those users, who have been registered in the system. Expand
A Sensor Web and Web Service-Based Approach for Active Hydrological Disaster Monitoring
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Wireless Sensor Network Based Web Enabled Application Framework for Fire Monitoring
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Requirements Engineering for Semantic Sensors in Crisis and Disaster Management
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Integration of hydrological observations into a Spatial Data Infrastructure under a Sensor Web environment
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Towards multi-agency sensor information integration for disaster management
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Ogc® sensor web enablement:overview and high level achhitecture.
This paper provides a high level architecture and includes descriptions of the OGC sensor interface and encoding standards that have been approved or are soon to be approved. Expand
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