Applied Linear Regression Models

  title={Applied Linear Regression Models},
  author={L. Leemis},
  journal={Journal of Quality Technology},
  • L. Leemis
  • Published 1991
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Quality Technology
Adjustments for confounders in individual and pooled samples from the Swedish national monitoring of contaminants in freshwater fish
Within the Swedish National Monitoring Programme for Contaminants in Freshwater Biota, perch, pike and Arctic char are being analysed from 32 lakes distributed all over Sweden. One of the main objeExpand
Statistical modeling of high-carbon cast-steel particle flow through a blast-cleaning metering system
ABSTRACT The selection and adjustment of an effective abrasive mass flow rate is one of the most important requirements for efficient blast-cleaning processes. Steel grit is one of the most widelyExpand
Think Like A Graph: Real-Time Traffic Estimation at City-Scale
The experiences in designing and implementing GPTE on top of the Spark, an emerging cluster computing framework and results show that GPTE achieves as high as 88 percent accuracy in traffic estimation and up to $8\times$8× performance gain in computation efficiency with the optimization techniques applied. Expand
Developing a Construction-Duration Model Based on a Historical Dataset for Building Project
Abstract The delay of vast building projects is still a common problem. This situation is extraordinarily severe to steel reinforced concrete (SRC) building projects that keep going to promote a newExpand
Modeling individual leaf area of rose (Rosa hybrida L.) based on leaf length and width measurement
Accurate and nondestructive methods to determine individual leaf areas of plants are a useful tool in physiological and agronomic research. Determining the individual leaf area (LA) of rose (RosaExpand
Gaping Displays Reveal and Amplify a Mechanically Based Index of Weapon Performance
It is concluded that exposure of the muscle complex during gaping displays can provide rival males with a reliable, body‐size independent, biomechanically based index of weapon performance, an index that the mouth‐corner patches amplify. Expand
Active learning in small and large classes
This research investigates the effect of class size on introductory accounting student performance within the context of an active learning environment. In-class group activities were implemented asExpand
Data Driven Robust Estimation Methods for Fixed Effects Panel Data Models
The panel data regression models have gained increasing attention in different areas of research including but not limited to econometrics, environmental sciences, epidemiology, behavioral and socialExpand
No. 043/2020/MKT Predicting Time to Upgrade for Successive Product Generations: An Exponential-Decay Proportional Hazard Model
In the presence of successive product generations, most consumers are repeat buyers, who may decide to purchase a future product generation before its release. As a result, after the new productExpand
Some New Diagnostics of Multicollinearity in Linear Regression Model
The problem of multicollinearity compromises the numerical stability of the regression coefficient estimate and cause some serious problem in validation and interpretation of the model. In thisExpand