Applied Linear Optimal Control: Examples and Alogrithms

  title={Applied Linear Optimal Control: Examples and Alogrithms},
  author={A. Bryson},
  journal={Applied Mechanics Reviews},
  • A. Bryson
  • Published 2002
  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mechanics Reviews
Preface 1. Static estimation 2. Random processes 3. Dynamic estimation - filters 4. Dynamic estimation - smoothers 5. LQ SFB follower-controllors 6. LQG follower-controllers 7. Smoothers for controlled plants 8. Time-invariant filters 9. Time-invariant LQ SFB follower-controllers 10. Time-invariant LQG follower-controllers 11. Worst case controllers 12. Robust TI LQG controllers Appendices References Index. 
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Assessment of Linear Set-Point Controllers for a Direct Drive Nonlinear Pendulum
It is shown that when input constraints and delays are present, the synthesis procedure is non trivial and extensive nonlinear simulations are the only practical way to ensure that the linear design offers acceptable tracking performance in a large operation range while respecting the requirements ofinput constraints and robustness. Expand
Simultaneous Input and State Estimation for Linear Time-Varying Continuous-Time Stochastic Systems
This work discusses some conditions under which meaningful estimation is possible and proposes an optimal filter that simultaneously estimates the states and unknown inputs in an unbiased minimum-variance sense and shows that a principle of separation of estimation and control holds and that the unknown inputs may be rejected. Expand
Nonlinear control and state estimation of holonomic indoor airship
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Nonlinear Optimal Control of Holonomic Indoor Airship
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Applied Optimal Control
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