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Applications programming in smalltalk-80: how to use model-view-controller (mvc)

  title={Applications programming in smalltalk-80: how to use model-view-controller (mvc)},
  author={Steve Burbeck},

Design Patterns in N-tier Architecture

A pattern called MVA-F is presented, based on the standard patterns of MVC family in combination with a “Facade” pattern, which has main advantage is basic-level stability due to one point of entrance to model layer for different parts of upper layers.

AR Magic Lenses: Addressing the Challenge of Focus and Context in Augmented Reality

The design and architecture of osgART, an AR development toolkit that is available to the research community as open-source software, is described to support rapid exploration of interaction alternatives with AR Magic Lenses, and performance with all techniques is successfully modelled by Fitts’ Law.

Une approche logicielle du traitement de la dyslexie : Étude de modèles et applications. (A software approach for treating dyslexia / A software approach for treating dyslexia : Model study and applications)

  • G. Garcia
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • 2015
Cependant, ce type d’initiative ne peut se concretiser qu’autour de collaborations pluridisciplinaires disposant de nombreux moyens fonctionnels, techniques et financiers.

Programs as visual, interactive documents

We present a novel approach to combined textual and visual programming by allowing visual, interactive objects to be embedded within textual source code and segments of source code to be further

What Do the Asserts in a Unit Test Tell Us about Code Quality? A Study on Open Source and Industrial Projects

It is argued that analyzing assert instructions in unit tests also aid in identifying and reasoning about potentially problematic pieces of code, and developers should monitor the number of asserts in a unit test as it may indicate problems in the production code.

Gps cappture: a system for gps trajectory collection, processing, and destination prediction

This study identifies the key research problems toward building the CaPPture (collection, processing, prediction) system.

XTT Rules Design and Implementation with Object-Oriented Methods

The solution proposed in the paper consists of using a custom knowledge engineering design method for rules in the design stage, which is then transformed to UML behavioral diagrams, which can be considered a visual encoding.

Ontology based web simulation system for hydrodynamic modeling

Developing GUI Applications: Architectural Patterns Revisited

This paper revisits the Model-View-Controller, Hierarchical Model- viewController, and Presentation-Abstraction-Control patterns and identifies four typical problems that usually arise when developing GUI applications and discusses how they can be addressed by each of the patterns.