Applications of the Defect of a Finitely Presented Functor

  title={Applications of the Defect of a Finitely Presented Functor},
  author={Jeremy Russell},
  journal={arXiv: Category Theory},
  • Jeremy Russell
  • Published 31 October 2012
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Category Theory

Derived recollements and generalised AR formulas

The defect recollement, the MacPherson-Vilonen construction, and pp formulas

Injective stabilization of additive functors, I. Preliminaries

The Auslander–Gruson–Jensen recollement

Dualities and finitely presented functors




Stable Module Theory

The notions of torsion and torsion freeness have played a very important role in module theory--particularly in the study of modules over integral domains. Furthermore, the use of homological

Purity, Spectra and Localisation

Preface Introduction Part I. Modules: 1. Pp conditions 2. Purity 3. Pp pairs and definable subcategories 4. Pp-types and pure-injectivity 5. The Ziegler spectrum 6. Rings of definable scalars 7.

Des catégories abéliennes

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Bifunctors and adjoint pairs

We use a definition of tensor products of functors to generalize some theorems of homological algebra. We show that adjoint pairs of functors between additive functor categories correspond to