Applications of stimulated echo correction to multicomponent T2 analysis.

  title={Applications of stimulated echo correction to multicomponent T2 analysis.},
  author={Thomas Prasloski and Burkhard M{\"a}dler and Qing-San Xiang and Alex MacKay and Craig Jones},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={67 6},
We propose a multicomponent fitting algorithm for multiecho T(2) data which allows for correction of T(2) distributions in the presence of stimulated echoes. Tracking the population of spins in many coherence pathways via the iterated method of the Extended Phase Graph algorithm allows for accurate quantification of echo magnitudes. The resulting decay curves allow for correction of errors due to nonideal refocusing pulses as a result of inhomogeneities in the B(1) transmit field. Non-Negative… CONTINUE READING
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