Applications of a 7-day Caco-2 cell model in drug discovery and development.

  title={Applications of a 7-day Caco-2 cell model in drug discovery and development.},
  author={Ying Peng and Preeti Yadava and Aki T. Heikkinen and Neil John Parrott and Aruna Railkar},
  journal={European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences},
Oral delivery is the preferred route of administration and therefore good absorption after oral dosing is a prerequisite for a compound to be successful in the clinic. The prediction of oral bioavailability from in vitro permeability assays is thus a valuable tool during drug discovery and development. Caco-2 cell monolayers mimic the human intestinal epithelium in many aspects. These monolayers form tight junctions between cells and have been widely used as a model of human intestinal… CONTINUE READING

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