Applications of SHOP and SHOP2

  title={Applications of SHOP and SHOP2},
  author={Dana S. Nau and Tsz-Chiu Au and Okhtay Ilghami and Ugur Kuter and Hector Mu{\~n}oz-Avila and J. William Murdock and Dan Wu and Fusun Yaman},
  journal={IEEE Intelligent Systems},
We design the simple hierarchical ordered planner (SHOP) and its successor, SHOP2, with two goals in mind: to investigate research issues in automated planning and to provide some simple, practical planning tools. SHOP and SHOP2 are based on a planning formalism called hierarchical task network planning. SHOP and SHOP2 use a search-control strategy called ordered task decomposition, which breaks tasks into subtasks and generates the plan's actions in the same order that the plan executor… 

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Combining Heuristic Search with Hierarchical Task-Network Planning: A Preliminary Report

H2O (short for Hierarchical Heuristic Ordered planner), a new Hierarchicals Task-Network (HTN) planning algorithm that can heuristically select the best task decompositions by using domainindependent state-based heuristics.

Adaptation of Hierarchical Task Network Plans

This paper presents RepairSHOP a system capable of performing plan adaptation and plan repair, built on top of the HTN planner SHOP, and takes into account failed traces during plan adaptation/repair.

totSAT - Totally-Ordered Hierarchical Planning Through SAT

It is shown how totally-ordered HTN planning problems can be translated into a SAT formula, given this bound, and conducted an extensive empirical evaluation to compare the new planner against state-of-the-art HTN planners.

HATP: Hierarchical Agent-based Task Planner

This paper describes the Hierarchical Agent-based Task Planner (HATP), a total-order HTN planner and gives an overview of its user-friendly language, which treats agents as distinct entities; its mechanisms for effective control over decomposition; and its integration into the larger robotics framework.

Verifying solutions of hierarchical planning problems

This work describes the first plan verifier for hierarchical planning, which uses a translation of the problem into a SAT formula and conducts an empirical evaluation, showing that the correct output is produced within acceptable time.

A hierarchical goal-based formalism and algorithm for single-agent planning

A hierarchical goal-based planning formalism and a planning algorithm, GDP (Goal-Decomposition Planner), that combines some aspects of both HTN planning and domain-independent planning and allows the planning agent to use domain- independent heuristic functions to guide the application of both methods and actions.

Hierarchical Goal Network Planning: Initial Results

The HGN formalism is defined, how to prove correctness of HGN methods is illustrated, a planning algorithm called GNP (Goal Network Planner) is provided, and experimental results showing that GNP’s performance compares favorably to that of SHOP2 are presented.

Tracking Branches in Trees - A Propositional Encoding for Solving Partially-Ordered HTN Planning Problems

This work proposes the first propositional encodings which are able to solve general, i.e., partially-ordered, HTN planning problems, based on a previous encoding for totally-ordered problems, and outperforms existing HTN planners significantly.

Robot Multi-Tasks Optimization Using Improved JSHOP 2 Planner

The simulation results show that the improved JSHOP2 planner is feasible and can improve the intelligence of service robot task planning.



SHOP: Simple Hierarchical Ordered Planner

In the authors' tests, SHOP was several orders of magnitude faster man Blackbox and several times faster than TLpian, even though SHOP is coded in Lisp and the other planners are coded in C.

Automating DAML-S Web Services Composition Using SHOP2

This work has proven the correspondence between the semantics of SHOP2 and the situation calculus semantics of the Process Model, and implemented a system which soundly and completely plans over sets of DAML-S descriptions using a SHop2 planner, and then executes the resulting plans over the Web.

SHOP2: An HTN Planning System

The features of SHOP2 which enabled it to excel in the competition are described, especially those aspects of SHop2 that deal with temporal and metric planning domains.

HTN planning for Web Service composition using SHOP2

Generating Project Networks

The planner (NONLIN) and the Task Formalism (TF) used to hierarchically specify a domain are described, which can aid in the generation of project networks.

Forward-Chaining Planning in Nondeterministic Domains

The results suggest that the general technique for taking forward-chaining planners for deterministic domains and adapting them to work in nondeterministic domains preserves many of the desirable properties of these planners, such as the ability to use heuristic techniques to achieve highly efficient planning.

TALplanner: A temporal logic based forward chaining planner

We present TALplanner, a forward-chaining planner based on the use of domain-dependent search control knowledge represented as formulas in the Temporal Action Logic (TAL). TAL is a narrative based

Utilizing Volatile External Information During Planning

The results show conditions under which different query management strategies are preferable, and demonstrate that certain kinds of planning paradigms are more suited than others for planning with volatile information.

Information Gathering During Planning for Web Service Composition

This paper presents ENQUIRER, an HTN-planning algorithm designed for planning domains in which the information about the initial state of the world may not be complete, but it is discoverable through plan-time information-gathering queries.