Applications of QCD Sum Rules to Heavy Quark Physics

  title={Applications of QCD Sum Rules to Heavy Quark Physics},
  author={Alexander Khodjamirian},
• Correlation function of local quark currents is defined. The simplest, two-point correlation function is formed by two quark-antiquark current operators sandwiched between the QCD vacuum states. This is a function of the 4-momentum transfer between the currents. In the region of large spacelike momentum transfers, the correlation function represents a short-distance fluctuation of quark-antiquark fields. The propagation of quarks and antiquarks at short distances is asymptotically free, the… 

Study of the B → D μ ν differential decay width : analysis of the sensitivity of LHCb to the scalar form factor

  • Computer Science
  • 2017
After reviewing the theoretical tools of Heavy-Quark Effective Theory, the theoretical estimate of the upper bound on the value of the vector form factor f + at zero recoil was updated, obtaining a result of f + (q 2 max ) ≤ 1.159± 0.024.

Estudo da largura de estados exóticos do Charmonium usando as regras de soma da QCD

In this thesis, we discuss in details the QCD Sum Rules (QCDSR) technique and its application to the study of hadronic systems situated in the charmonium mass region. In particular, we applied QCDSR

Review of lepton universality tests in B decays

Several measurements of tree- and loop-level b-hadron decays performed in the recent years hint at a possible violation of Lepton Universality. This article presents an experimental and theoretical



B-meson decay constants from improved lattice nonrelativistic QCD with physical u, d, s, and c quarks.

This work presents the first lattice QCD calculation of the decay constants f(B) and f(S) with physical light quark masses and discusses the implications of the results for the standard model rates for B((s))→μ(+)μ(-) and B→τν.

B→πlν semileptonic form factor from three-flavor lattice QCD: A model-independent determination of |Vub|

We calculate the form factor ${f}_{+}({q}^{2})$ for $B$-meson semileptonic decay in unquenched lattice QCD with $2+1$ flavors of light sea quarks. We use Asqtad-improved staggered light quarks and a

Precise charm- and bottom-quark masses: Theoretical and experimental uncertainties

We consider recent theoretical and experimental improvements in determining charm- and bottom-quark masses. We present a new, improved evaluation of the contribution of the gluon condensate 〈αsG2/π〉


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