Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics

  title={Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics},
  author={Visarath In and Patrick Longhini and Antonio Palacios},

Photonic microwave generation based on semiconductor laser and its applications

  • G. XiaX. LinL. Fan
  • Physics
    International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology
  • 2022
Semiconductor lasers (SLs) under external disturbances can be driven into diverse nonlinear dynamical states such as period-one, period-two, multi-period, and chaos. Based on the period-one nonlinear

Allison mixture and the two-envelope problem.

The Allison mixture is investigated, a variant of the Parrondo's games where random mixing of two random sequences creates autocorrelation and mutual entropy of two elements and the analysis shows that the mutual information is nonzero even if two distributions have identical average values.

Dynamical behavior and peak power reduction in a pair of energy storage oscillators coupled by delayed power price.

Dynamical behavior of a management system for controlling a pair of energy storages is investigated and it is suggested that the peak can be reduced by inducing an antiphase synchronization in coupled oscillators.

Exact probability distribution functions for Parrondo's games.

Using the Fourier transform, the exact probability distribution functions for both the capital dependent and history dependent Parrondo's games are calculated and strong oscillations near the maximum of the probability distribution are found.

On the quantum‐to‐classical transition of a particle in a box

The exact formulation of the correspondence principle and in particular understanding the quantum‐to‐classical transition remains an open problem in quantum mechanics. In this paper we present our

Erratum: Digital Ecology: Coexistence and Domination among Interacting Networks

An ecological theory of the digital world is introduced which exhibits stable coexistence of several networks as well as the dominance of an individual one, in contrast to the competitive exclusion principle, and predicts that the most probable outcome is the coexist of a moderate number of services, in agreement with empirical observations.

The trajectory of life. Decreasing physiological network complexity through changing fractal patterns

A synthesis of theoretical models based on physiology, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, and non-linear time-series analysis is submitted, arguing that aging, known to be characterized by a loss of variability, is manifested at multiple scales, within functional units at the small scale, and reflected by diagnostic features at the larger scale.

Drastic disorder-induced reduction of signal amplification in scale-free networks.

It is shown how topological resonant-like amplification effects in scale-free networks of signaling devices are drastically reduced when phase disorder in the external signals is considered.

Theoretical and numerical modelling of chaotic electrostatic ion cyclotron (EIC) oscillations by Jerk equation

In the last few years, third order explicit autonomous differential equations, known as jerk equations, have generated great interest as they show features of regular and chaotic motion. In this

Jump chaotic behaviour of ultra low loss bulk acoustic wave cavities

We demonstrate a previously unobserved nonlinear phenomenon in an ultra-low loss quartz bulk acoustic wave cavity ( Q>3>109), which only occurs below 20 mK in temperature and under relatively weak