Applications of Microfluidic Devices for Electronics Thermal Management

  title={Applications of Microfluidic Devices for Electronics Thermal Management},
  author={Tao Wang and Lu Qiang Lv and Jiejun Wang and Jian Zheng He and Qiuyan Li and Chuangui Wu and Wuqiong Luo and Yao Shuai and Wanli Zhang},
  journal={2018 IEEE 13th Annual International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (NEMS)},
Microfluidic device shows its great potential in electronics thermal management. However, microfluidic devices are “black box”, which are not well understood. In this paper, a microfluidic heat sink with fully integrated sensors are proposed, and several unaware phenomena are revealed. Innovative micro pump and micro air cooler are also realized, forming a highly efficient cooling system. 

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