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Applications of Fractional Calculus

  title={Applications of Fractional Calculus},
  author={Mehdi Dalir and Majid Bashour},
Different definitions of fractional derivatives and fractional Integrals (Differintegrals) are considered. By means of them explicit formula and graphs of some special functions are derived. Also we reviw some applications of the theory of fractional calculus. 
On new applications of fractional calculus
In the present paper author derive a number of integrals concerning various special functions which are applications of the one of Osler result. Osler provided extensions to the familiar Leibniz ruleExpand
Some generalized fractional calculus operators and their applications in integral equations
In this paper, we survey some generalizations of fractional integrals and derivatives and present some of their properties. Using these properties, we show that many integral equations can be solvedExpand
Numerical evaluation of fractional integrals and derivatives of analytic function
A numerical technique based on the Cauchy integral formula of complex analysis has been employed for evaluating the integrals and derivatives of fractional orders of an analytic function. The methodExpand
Generalizations of some fractional integral inequalities via generalized Mittag-Leffler function
Some general integral inequalities containing generalized Mittag-Leffler function and some already known integral inequalities have been produced as special cases are obtained. Expand
Existence of solutions for nonlinear fractional integro-differential equations
In this paper, by means of the Krasnoselskii fixed point theorem, the existence of solutions for a boundary value problem of nonlinear sequential fractional integro-differential equations areExpand
More properties of the proportional fractional integrals and derivatives of a function with respect to another function
In this article, we present some new properties of the fractional proportional derivatives of a function with respect to a certain function. We use a modified Laplace transform to find the relationExpand
Some applications of fractional calculus for analytic functions
For analytic functions f (z) in the class An, fractional calculus (fractional integrals and fractional derivatives) D z f (z) of order λ are introduced. Applying D z f (z) for f (z) ∈ An, weExpand
This work is devoted to the solvability of the weighted Cauchy problem for fractional differential equations of arbitrary order, considering the Riemann-Liouville derivative. We show the equivalenceExpand
Existence of solutions for a coupled system of fractional differential equations by means of topological degree theory
This paper investigates the existence of solutions for a coupled system of fractional differential equations. The existence is proved by using the topological degree theory, and an example is givenExpand
An Expansion Formula with Higher-Order Derivatives for Fractional Operators of Variable Order
It is shown how the obtained results are useful to solve differential equations, and problems of the calculus of variations that depend on fractional derivatives of Marchaud type, and how the efficiency of the approximation method is illustrated with examples. Expand


Application of Fractional Calculus to Fluid Mechanics
We present the application of fractional calculus, or the calculus of arbitrary (noninteger) differentiation, to the solution of time-dependent, viscous-diffusion fluid mechanics problems. TogetherExpand
Riemann-Liouville Fractional Derivatives and the Taylor-Riemann Series
. In this paper we give some background theory on the con-cept of fractional calculus, in particular the Riemann-Liouville operators.We then investigate the Taylor-Riemann seriesusing Osler’stheoremExpand
Geometric and Physical Interpretation of Fractional Integration and Fractional Differentiation
A solution to the more than 300-years old problem of geometric and physical interpretation of fractional integration and dieren tiation (i.e., integration and dieren tiation of an arbitrary realExpand
The Fractional Calculus: Theory and Applications of Differentiation and Integration to Arbitrary Order
Eventually, you will unquestionably discover a additional experience and realization by spending more cash. nevertheless when? realize you acknowledge that you require to acquire those every needsExpand
Fractional Calculus in Bioengineering
Fractional calculus (integral and differential operations of noninteger order) is not often used to model biological systems. Although the basic mathematical ideas were developed long ago by theExpand
Fractional calculus in bioengineering, part 2.
  • R. Magin
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Critical reviews in biomedical engineering
  • 2004
By expanding the range of mathematical operations to include fractional calculus, the authors can develop new and potentially useful functional relationships for modeling complex biological systems in a direct and rigorous manner. Expand
Using Fractional Calculus for Lateral and Longitudinal Conrol of Autonomous Vehicles
The use of Fractional Order Controllers (FOC) applied to the path-tracking problem in an autonomous electric vehicle and several control schemes with these controllers have been simulated and compared. Expand
Wave propagation in viscoelastic horns using a fractional calculus rheology model
The complex mechanical behavior of materials are characterized by fluid and solid models with fractional calculus differentials to relate stress and strain fields. Fractional derivatives have beenExpand
Modeling of speech signals using fractional calculus
  • K. Assaleh, Wajdi M. Ahmad
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2007 9th International Symposium on Signal Processing and Its Applications
  • 2007
A novel approach for speech signal modeling using fractional calculus that has the merit of requiring a smaller number of model parameters, and is demonstrated to be superior to the LPC approach in capturing the details of the modeled signal. Expand
Application of fractional calculus to ultrasonic wave propagation in human cancellous bone
Experimental results are compared with theoretical predictions for slow and fast waves transmitted through human cancellous bone samples. Expand