Applications for space power by laser transmission

  title={Applications for space power by laser transmission},
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  • G. Landis
  • Published in
    Photonics West - Lasers and…
    1 May 1994
  • Physics
A new method for providing power to space consists of using high-power cw lasers on the ground to beam power to photovoltaic receivers in space. Such large lasers could be located at cloud-free sites at one or more ground locations, and use large mirrors with adaptive optical correction to reduce the beam spread due to diffraction or atmospheric turbulence. This can result in lower requirements for battery storage, due to continuous illumination of arrays even during periods of shadow by the… 
Preliminary demonstration of power beaming with non-coherent laser diode arrays
A preliminary demonstration of free-space electric power transmission has been conducted using non-coherent laser diode arrays as the transmitter and standard silicon photovoltaic cell arrays as the
Laser Power Beaming for Lunar Polar Exploration
  • G. Landis
  • Physics
    AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2020 Forum
  • 2020
Advances in laser technology now makes it reasonable to use a laser to beam power directly from a power source at the illuminated rim of the crater to a photovoltaic laser receiver on a rover
Minimizing Losses in a Space Laser Power Beaming System
Abstract : A mathematical model is developed to track the amount of power delivered in a wireless laser power beaming system. In a wireless system the power proceeds through several different stages
Field experiment of laser energy transmission and laser to electric conversion
  • H. Yugami, Y. Kanamori, A. Endo
  • Physics
    IECEC-97 Proceedings of the Thirty-Second Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (Cat. No.97CH6203)
  • 1997
In this paper, the authors report the result of the field experiment of laser power transmission over 500 m using different laser systems, i.e. CO/sub 2/, YAG, etc. The efficiency of energy
Spacecraft power beaming and solar cell annealing using high-energy lasers
Abstract : Satellite lifetime is often limited by degradation of the electrical power subsystem--radiation-damaged solar arrays and failed batteries, Being able to beam power from terrestrial sites
Wireless Power Transmission to UAV using LASER Beaming
Laser power beaming uses electricity from a common power source, such as the electrical grid or a portable generator, and converts it into light via a laser. This laser beam is then shaped with a set
Photonic power delivery through optical fiber using very high power laser diode arrays
Described is a system that will provide isolated electric power for a circuit that drives the core reset of a pulsed power modulator. This can be accomplished by coupling light from a number of diode
The aim of this paper is to analyze advanced solar dynamic space power systems for electrical space power generation. Space-based solar power [1] (SBSP) is a system for the collection of solar power
Tracking system by phase conjugation for laser energy transmission
We propose a new concept for a retro-directive tracking system applicable for communication and power transmission. In the proposed concept, the power transmitter utilizes a beacon emitted from the
Efficient wireless transmission of power using resonators with coupled electric fields
Since its introduction by Nikola Tesla in 1900, the concept of wireless power transmission has expanded in many directions, including high-intensity microwave beams, lasers and mutual magnetic


Space power by ground-based laser illumination
  • G. Landis
  • Physics
    IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine
  • 1991
Reducing energy storage requirements of space power systems by illuminating the photovoltaic arrays with a remotely located laser system is addressed. It is proposed that large lasers be located on
Comparison of electrically driven lasers for space power transmission
High-power lasers in space could provide power for a variety of future missions such as spacecraft electric power requirements and laser propulsion. This study investigates four electrically pumped
Satellite eclipse power by laser illumination
Laser beamed power: Satellite demonstration applications
It is possible to use a ground-based laser to beam light to the solar arrays of orbiting satellites, to a level sufficient to provide all or some of the operating power required. Near-term
Diode laser satellite systems for beamed power transmission
A power system composed of an orbiting laser satellite and a surface-based receiver/converter is described. Power is transmitted from the satellite to the receiver/converter by laser beam. The
Moonbase night power by laser illumination
Moonbase solar-power concepts must somehow address the energy storage problem posed by the 354-hour lunar night. Attention is presently given to the feasibility of laser-array illumination of a lunar
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Non-solar photovoltaic cells
Laser Activation of Solar Cells,
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