[Application with a series of orthotic splints for recovery of hand function after burn].


OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of static and dynamic splints on recovery of hand functions in burn patients. METHODS Thirty-two burn patients with 52 injured hands were treated with orthotic splints (single or combined application) during different therapeutic stages. Carroll's upper limb functional test was used to evaluate the function of upper limbs and hands from rough to fine movements, including grasp, pinch, nip, forearm pronation and supination, fetching, etc. The hand functions were compared before and after treatment. RESULTS There were 7 hands with grade IV function, 15 hands with grade III, 23 hands with grade II, and 7 hands with grade I before treatment, while 9 hands achieved grade IV function, 28 hands grade V, 9 hands grade VI, and 6 hands grade III after treatment for three months. Twenty-eight patients with 46 hands recovered well enough to handle daily chores, including digital opposition, palmar opposition, grasp, pinch, etc. CONCLUSION The manual splints offer good effects on preventing and treatment scar contracture of hand after burn, and they can promote the recovery of hand functions.

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