Application of voiced-speech variability descriptors to emotion recognition


The following paper examines a possibility of applying phone-pronunciation variability descriptors in emotion classification. The proposed group of descriptors comprises a set of statistical parameters of Poincare maps, which are derived for evolution of formant-frequencies and energy of voiced-speech segments. Poincare maps are represented by means of four different parameters that summarize various aspects of plot's scatter. It has been shown that incorporation of the proposed features into a set of commonly-used emotional-speech descriptors, results in a substantial, ten-percent increase in emotion classification performance - recognition rates are at the order of 80% for six-category, speaker independent experiments.

DOI: 10.1109/CISDA.2009.5356537

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@article{Slot2009ApplicationOV, title={Application of voiced-speech variability descriptors to emotion recognition}, author={Krzysztof Slot and Jaroslaw Cichosz and Lukasz Bronakowski}, journal={2009 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Security and Defense Applications}, year={2009}, pages={1-5} }