Application of the upstream region of a Bacillus endoglucanase gene to high-level expression of foreign genes in Bacillus subtilis.

  title={Application of the upstream region of a Bacillus endoglucanase gene to high-level expression of foreign genes in Bacillus subtilis.},
  author={Nobuyuki Sumitomo and Katsuya Ozaki and Jun Hitomi and Shunro Kawaminami and T. Kobayashi and Shuji Kawai and Seiga Ito},
  journal={Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry},
  volume={59 11},
A 0.4-kb ScaI-HpaI fragment, 199 bp upstream of the structural gene for alkaline endoglucanase, from the alkalophilic Bacillus sp. KSM-64, was found to be essential for the extracellular production of the enzyme by recombinant Bacillus subtilis cells. We constructed a new vector, pHSP64 (5.5 kb), using pHY300PLK and part of the 5' region of the endoglucanase that contained a possible promoter region. Using recombinant B. subtilis cells that carried this vector, very high production of two… 
Hyperexpression of the gene for a Bacillus alpha-amylase in Bacillus subtilis cells: enzymatic properties and crystallization of the recombinant enzyme.
A new excretion vector, pHSP64, is constructed to develop a hyperexcretion system for Bacillus subtilis and the enzymatic properties of the recombinant enzyme were further examined with respect to the responses to various metal ions.
Alkaline Mannanase from a Novel Species of Alkaliphilic Bacillus
A novel species of alkaliphilic Bacillus (JAMB-602), isolated from a soil sample, was found to exoproduce an alkaline mannanase, and the pattern of mannan hydrolysis showed that the enzyme is an endo-type mannan enzyme.
Hyper-production of an isomalto-dextranase of an Arthrobacter sp. by a proteases-deficient Bacillus subtilis: sequencing, properties, and crystallization of the recombinant enzyme
In the present study, the organism was re-identified and its classification as a new species of the genus Arthrobacter, A. dextranlyticum, was proposed and the high G+C gene for the isomalto-dextranase was sequenced.
Cloning and production of Xylanase B from Paenibacillus barcinonensis in Bacillus subtilis hosts
Xylanase B from Paenibacillus barcinonensis was cloned in shuttle vectors for Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis, and expressed in Bacillus hosts. Several recombinant strains were constructed,
Cloning, expression, and characterization of a glycoside hydrolase family 86 β-agarase from a deep-sea Microbulbifer-like isolate
The gene for a novel β-agarase from a deep-sea Microbulbifer-like isolate was cloned and sequenced and was the first glycoside hydrolase family 86 enzyme to be homogeneously purified and characterized.
Hyperexpression of the Gene for a BaciUus ae-Amylase in BacMus subtths Cells : Enzymatic Properties and Crystallization of the Recombinant Enzyme "
A new excretioll yector, pHSP64, is censtructed to deyelop a hyperexcretion system for Bacttins subtitis and significant differenees in physicochemicHI and catalytic propenies were observed between the recombinant enzyme and the native enzyme produced by Bacinbes sp.
Cloning and sequencing of a high-alkaline pectate lyase gene from an alkaliphilic Bacillus isolate.
Pel-103 appeared to have a similar core and active site topology to the enzymes of known structure from Erwinia chrysanthemi and Bacillus subtilis, and physicochemical and catalytic properties of Pel-103 were different from those of other enzymes reported so far.
α-Glucosidase from a strain of deep-sea Geobacillus: a potential enzyme for the biosynthesis of complex carbohydrates
An α-glucosidase from Geobacillus sp. strain HTA-462, one of the deepest sea bacteria isolated from the sediment of the Mariana Trench, was purified to homogeneity and estimated to be a 65-kDa
Deduced Amino Acid Sequence and Possible Catalytic Residues of a Thermostable, Alkaline Cellulase from an Alkaliphilic Bacillus Strain
Site-directed mutagenesis delineated the importance of Arg111, His151, Glu190, His262, Tyr264, and Glu305 in catalysis and/or substrate binding of the enzyme and showed very high similarity to those of family 5 mesophilic, alkaline Egls from some alkaliphilic bacilli.