Application of the electronegativity indices of organic molecules to tasks of chemical informatics

  title={Application of the electronegativity indices of organic molecules to tasks of chemical informatics},
  author={Michael I. Trofimov and Evgenii A. Smolenskii},
  journal={Russian Chemical Bulletin},
An efficient structure filtration method for the operation with chemical databases containing information on the structures and properties of organic molecules was proposed. The technique involves the use of electronegativity indices for generation of identification keys and for isomorphism tests of the molecular graphs corresponding to the structural formulas. The test set for the method proposed included a total of 95,000,000 molecules containing up to sixty carbon atoms. Tests revealed a… Expand
Effect of electronegative elements on the NMR chemical shift in some simple R-X organic compounds
Organic halides and other organic compounds that contain electronegative elements, have a strong chemical shift and a brilliant NMR spectrum will prevail. Relationship between 1 H, 13 C NMR chemicalExpand
Electronegativity scales and electronegativity-bond ionicity relations: A comparative study
  • A. Qteish
  • Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
  • 2019
Abstract Electronegativity (χ) and bond ionicity are very important concepts in chemistry and other branches of science. Due to the lack of a precise definition, several χ scales have beenExpand
Atomic electronegativity based on hardness and floating spherical gaussian orbital approach
Electronegativity (χ) is an important property of any chemical species as it helps to predict the pattern of physico-chemical interactions. In the present work, we have suitably studied this propertyExpand
A Review on Property Estimation Methods and Computational Schemes for Rational Solvent Design: A Focus on Pharmaceuticals
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Ab initio study of magnetism and interaction of graphene with the polar MnO(111) surface
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First-principles study of the structural and electronic properties of graphene absorbed on MnO(111) surfaces
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Effect of oxygen adsorption on structural and electronic properties of defective surfaces (0 0 1), (1 1 1), and (1 1 0) TiC: Ab initio study
Abstract A model of the oxygen adsorption on the defective surfaces (0 0 1), (1 1 1) and (1 1 0) of titanium carbide with different reconstructions is investigated by ab-initio calculations. In theExpand
Oxygen adsorption on palladium monolayer as a surface catalyst
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Automatic Proof of Graph Nonisomorphism
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Computer Generation of Molecular Structures by the SMOG Program
The SMOG program for exhaustive and irredundant generation of chemical structures by the given molecular formula is described. The program makes use of the graph-theoretical Faradjev algorithm, whichExpand
Isomer discrimination by topological information approach
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Combinatorial models and algorithms in chemistry. The expanded Wiener number—a novel topological index
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An optimized procedure for the calculation of Hosoya's topological index is presented. The procedure has been implemented in PASCAL. The described procedure could be simply modified for calculationsExpand
An Efficient Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism
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Further annotated bibliography on the isomorphism disease
  • G. Gati
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This annotated bibliography contains 32 papers on graph isomorphism not included in the bibliography of Read and Corneil, most of which discuss algorithms or their theoretical foundations. We includeExpand
The Art of Computer Programming, Volume I: Fundamental Algorithms, 2nd Edition
A container closure assembly for maintaining a sterile sealed container is provided having a ferrule having a top annular portion and a depending skirt portion for securing a resilient stopper forExpand
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