Application of the allylic diazene rearrangement: synthesis of the enediyne-bridged tricyclic core of dynemicin A

  title={Application of the allylic diazene rearrangement: synthesis of the enediyne-bridged tricyclic core of dynemicin A},
  author={John L. Wood and J. A. Jun. Porco and Jack Taunton and Angela Y. Lee and Jon Clardy and Stuart L. Schreiber},
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Synthesis of natural products containing highly strained trans-fused bicyclo[3.3.0]octane: historical overview and future prospects.
This review provides a systematic and comprehensive discussion on the synthesis of natural products containing trans-fused bicyclo[3.3.0]octanes and the historical context of this work and the prospects for future research are discussed.
Methods for Macrolactonization of Seco Acids in the Synthesis of Natural and Biologically Active Compounds
The review describes the most common macrolactonization reactions, including the activation of one and/or another terminal functional group in a seco acid in the synthesis of natural and biologically
Unconventional Macrocyclizations in Natural Product Synthesis
This Outlook focuses on a selection of examples employing what the authors term unconventional macrocyclizations toward the synthesis of natural products or analogues.
Chiral Diol-Based Organocatalysts in Enantioselective Reactions
The axially chiral aryl diol BINOL and VANOL derivatives serve as the most competent catalyst for most examples, but examples of exclusive success using other scaffolds, herein, suggests that they should not be overlooked.
Momilactone and Related Diterpenoids as Potential Agricultural Chemicals.
This paper is the first review on these versatile molecules, focusing on the structure, biological activity, chemical synthesis, and biosynthesis of the naturally occurring momilactone-like molecules reported from 1973 to 2017.
Asymmetric Traceless Petasis Borono-Mannich Reactions of Enals: Reductive Transposition of Allylic Diazenes.
The traceless Petasis borono-Mannich reaction of crotylboronates installs tertiary methyl-bearing stereocenters in good yields and high enantioselectivities.
Acyclic 1,4-Stereocontrol via the Allylic Diazene Rearrangement: Development, Applications, and the Essential Role of Kinetic E Stereoselectivity in Tosylhydrazone Formation.
A fortuitous kinetic preference for the E-hydrazone geometry during the hydrazonation reaction is observed, as only theE-isomers could undergo chelation-controlled reduction.
Probing the Gaseous Structure of a β-Hairpin Peptide with H/D Exchange and Electron Capture Dissociation
Investigating the gaseous conformation of a model β-hairpin peptide using gas-phase hydrogen–deuterium (H/D) exchange with subsequent electron capture dissociation (ECD) shows levels of protection similar to that of GB1p, suggesting collapse or (re)folding of these peptides upon transfer to the gas phase.
Synthesis of 12- to 16-Membered-Ring Lactones
The objective of this chapter is to present an overview of the macrolactonization of seco-acids in the total synthesis of natural products but to present other new effective procedures for the ring closure of 12- to 16-membered ring lactones.