Application of the Rodriguez-Pattenden photo-ring contraction: total synthesis and configurational reassignment of 11-gorgiacerol and 11-epigorgiacerol.

  title={Application of the Rodriguez-Pattenden photo-ring contraction: total synthesis and configurational reassignment of 11-gorgiacerol and 11-epigorgiacerol.},
  author={Harald Weinstabl and Tanja Gaich and Johann Mulzer},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={14 11},
A stereospecific photochemical ring contraction was used as the key step in the first total synthesis of the marine pseudopteranyl diterpene 11-gorgiacerol and its 11-epimer. The synthesis allowed the correction of the configurations that had been misassigned in the literature. In addition, some novel pseudopteranyl derivatives have been made. 

Light-mediated total synthesis of 17-deoxyprovidencin.

An asymmetric synthesis of the diterpenoid 17-deoxyprovidencin is described and key steps include an aldol addition, a base-catalyzed Wipf-type furan formation, a Z-selective ring-closing metathesis for macrocyclization, and the stereoselective formation of two epoxides on the ring.

Total Synthesis of (-)-Sinulariadiolide. A Transannular Approach.

The constrained tricyclic skeleton of the nor-cembranoid sinulariadiolide (1) with a nine-membered nexus was obtained by a cascade of transannular Michael reaction, carbonate elimination, butenolide

An Unexpected Transannular [4+2] Cycloaddition during the Total Synthesis of (+)‐Norcembrene 5

During the synthesis of the diterpenoid (+)‐norcembrene 5 from simple building blocks, an unprecedented, highly oxidized pentacyclic structural motif was established from a furanocembranoid through transannular [4+2] cycloaddition.

Total Synthesis of the Chlorinated Pentacyclic Indole Alkaloid (+)-Ambiguine G

The total synthesis of (+)-ambiguine G, the first member of the chlorinated pentacyclic ambiguines to yield to chemical synthesis is reported, through a convergent strategy that proceeds in 10 steps from (S)-carvone oxide.

Enantiospecific Entry to a Common Decalin Intermediate for the Syntheses of Highly Oxygenated Terpenoids.

Herein, we describe an enantiospecific route to one enantiomer of a common decalin core that is present in numerous highly oxygenated terpenoids. This intermediate is accessed in eight steps from

Palladium-Catalyzed Regiodivergent Substitution of Propargylic Carbonates.

The palladium(0)-catalyzed, ligand-controlled, regioselective addition of diaryl acetonitrile pronucleophiles to propargylic carbonates is reported. Selective formation of either terminal 1,3-dienyl

Highly chemoselective synthesis of hindered amides via cobalt-catalyzed intermolecular oxidative hydroamidation

This protocol is selective for terminal alkenes over groups that rapidly react under known carbocation amidation conditions such as tertiary alcohols, electron-richAlkenes, ketals, weak C−H bonds, and carboxylic acids.



Macrocyclization by ring-closing metathesis in the total synthesis of natural products: reaction conditions and limitations.

The efforts of many research groups to develop efficient RCM reactions on their way towards the total synthesis of natural macrocyclic products are summarized in this Minireview.

Recent applications of olefin ring-closing metathesis (RCM) in the synthesis of biologically important alkaloids, terpenoids, polyketides and other secondary metabolites.

The current overview will demonstrate the overwhelming power and scope of RCM in the total synthesis of structurally demanding natural products.

Metathesis reactions in total synthesis.

Examples of total syntheses in which metathesis reactions of olefins, enynes, and alkynes played a crucial role and which imparted to these endeavors certain elements of novelty, elegance, and efficiency are highlighted.

Stereoselectivity of macrocyclic ring-closing olefin metathesis

A kinetic study demonstrates that the high E/Z ratio of lactone is due to secondary metathesis reactions that isomerize the product to the thermodynamic E/z ratio.

Ring closing metathesis in the synthesis of biologically interesting peptidomimetics, sugars and alkaloids.

Some of the ways in which chemists from both industry and academia have been utilising and developing metathesis in the search for novel biological probes and drug leads are outlined.

Photochemical reactions as key steps in natural product synthesis.

The most important photochemical transformations that have been employed in natural product synthesis are presented and selected total syntheses are discussed as examples, with particular attention given to the photochemical key step and its stereoselectivity.

Synthetic studies towards furanocembrane diterpenes. A total synthesis of bis-deoxylophotoxin.

A total synthesis of bis-deoxylophotoxin, the probable biological precursor to the neurotoxin lophot toxin, isolated from species of the Pacific sea whip Lophogorgia, is presented.

Synthesis of macrocyclic natural products by catalyst-controlled stereoselective ring-closing metathesis

This work outlines a reliable, practical and general approach for the efficient and highly stereoselective synthesis of macrocyclic alkenes by catalytic RCM; transformations deliver up to 97% of the Z isomer owing to control induced by a tungsten-based alkylidene.