[Application of straight wire appliance for pre- and post-surgical orthodontics].


OBJECTIVE To analyze the surgical patients treated with straight wire appliance for guidelines of clinical using of the appliance. METHODS Totally 51 patients from Joint Clinic of Orthodontic Surgery, Peking University School of Stomatology with dentofacial deformities treated with straight wire appliance were analyzed. The patients were aged from 15 years to 34 years 5 months, average 18 years 9 months. Among whom, 16 are males, while the other 35 are females. RESULTS Eighteen patients were treated with extraction of teeth, while other 33 cases were nonextraction case. The duration of average presurgical orthodontic treatment was 13.3 months, and 10.4 months was for postsurgical orthodontic treatment, totally active treatment time was 25.5 months. CONCLUSIONS Straight wire appliance would benefit a lot for three dimensional control of teeth when doing pre- and post-surgical orthodontic treatment. Good results could be achieved without wire bending.

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