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Application of microscopy to Digitalis thapsi x Digitalis purpurea natural hybrid identification

  title={Application of microscopy to Digitalis thapsi x Digitalis purpurea natural hybrid identification},
  author={R. Serrano and S. Fraz{\~a}o and J. F. Silva and E. Gomes and O. Silva and G. B. Pinto},
The dried leaf of Digitalis purpurea L. (foxglove leaf) was introduced as botanical drug into the London Pharmacopoeia of 1650 and remains actually in all Occidental Pharmacopoeias (digitalis purpureae folium). During last year’s, some specimens of Digitalis L. genus collected in the Northeast region of Portugal were identified by us as natural hybrids Digitalis thapsi L. x Digitalis purpurea L.. Traditionally, hybridization in plants has been generally detected using morphological characters… Expand
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