Application of low-intensity ultrasound to growing bone in rats.

  title={Application of low-intensity ultrasound to growing bone in rats.},
  author={Joseph A. Spadaro and Stephen A. Albanese},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={24 4},
Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound recently has been shown to accelerate long bone fracture healing, but its effect on bone growth and development is unknown. The longitudinal growth and bone density of the femur and tibia in young rats was measured after application of an ultrasound transducer emitting 1.5-MHz pulsed ultrasound (30 mW/cm2, SATA) for 20 min/day. After 28 days, no length difference was detected (< or = 2%) compared to the sham-treated leg or to unexposed controls. Also, no… CONTINUE READING


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