Application of induction heating processes of metal deformation


The paper considers the problem of design and operation of the induction heating system, which includes an induction heating unit (INU), a power supply and electronic control system and is intended for heating metal under deformation. Moreover, the INU is considered in a single complex with equipment for metal pressure treatment (OMD) with the aim of obtaining extreme process and economic indicators of operation of the process complex as a whole. The focus is on the study of deformation of aluminum and its alloys. The paper discusses the most common types of hot deformation — pressing and rolling. Moreover, in the latter case, electric, vibration and acoustic processes are considered simultaneously with electromagnetic and thermal ones. In this case, the emphasis is on power supply of powerful heating complexes enabling rolling and extrusion of large workpieces at 50 Hz INU operating frequency. All theoretical conclusions have been confirmed by experiments at full-scale equipment; physical simulation occurred at 2500 Hz. In relation to continuous operation of INU various designs with discrete and continuous advancement of the blanks, the algorithm provides an optimal control in a standard mode, a maximum productivity and minimum total loss rate for a stationary and transient operation mode of the heating-deformation process respectively.

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@article{Zimin2016ApplicationOI, title={Application of induction heating processes of metal deformation}, author={L. S. Zimin and A. S. Yeghiazaryan}, journal={2016 2nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Applications and Manufacturing (ICIEAM)}, year={2016}, pages={1-4} }