Application of fractal theory in examination of resistance spot welding quality

  title={Application of fractal theory in examination of resistance spot welding quality},
  author={Hou Zhan-feng and Wu Pei and Xue Jing and Han Jingyu},
Resistance spot welding is a technology applied extensively in mechanical manufacturing industry, non-destructive testing of resistance spot weld quality has been a hot research project in welding field. In this paper, spot welding tests were carried out and the welding spot surface images were acquired. Testing calculational formula of box-counted dimension were introduced. Calculational method about box-counted dimension was given and program about dimension and image processing based on… 
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i List of acronyms iii Nomenclature iv List of figures v List of tables x Chapter 1: Introduction 1 1.1 Friction stir welding 1 1.2 Motivation and preamble of the research work 2 1.3 Objectives 5 1.4